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In some religious traditions, such as Roman Catholicism and certain strands of Protestantism, people believe through the gift of faith. These traditions hold that the Holy Spirit grants this gift of faith, and those who desire belief can pray to the Holy Spirit for enlightenment and the strength to believe.

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Some individuals believe in God after becoming intellectually convinced of the rationality of God's existence and revelation. Many religious traditions teach that faith and reason are complementary and that there is proof for the existence of God and the divine nature of the Bible. These traditions also teach that a rational awareness of God is not enough and that people must also enter into a personal relationship with God through the act of faith. This act of faith is not a feeling or sentiment but a commitment of the mind and the will to all of God's revealed truth.

Belief does not end in mere intellectual assent but expresses itself through a good life and acts of love. The Epistle of James in the Bible teaches that faith is dead without the presence of good works. Many Christians, therefore, consider a true believer to be one who both commits his mind and will to revelation, and who lives this belief through love.

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