What Are Some Beliefs About the Rapture Theory?


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The Rapture theory held by many Protestants consists of believing that Christians will be snatched away to meet Christ in an event that happens before the Seven Years of Tribulation. The word "rapture" is not actually present in scripture, but Rapture Theory adherents do use scripture to support their position.

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The two primary sections of the Bible that refer to a rapture scenario are 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 and 1 Corinthians 15:50-54. Christians who believe the Rapture Theory can still be divided into three more specific belief categories that are time sensitive. Pre-Tribulation Christians believe that Jesus will rapture the church before the Seven Years of Tribulation in which God pours out his wrath on unbelievers. Mid-Tribulation Christians believe that Jesus will rapture the church at the midway point of the Seven Years when the Antichrist figure breaks his peace treaty with Israel. Finally, Post-Tribulation Christians believe that God will allow Christians to go through the suffering of the Seven Years of Tribulation and then Jesus will simultaneously rapture the church and consummate his eternal Kingdom.

Though the Old Testament does not speak prophetically about a rapture, the New Testament writer Paul considered the concept of the rapture a mystery revealed.

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