What Are the Beliefs of the New Life Church?


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Beliefs of the New Life Church include the idea that God created the universe and all things contained within it, that Jesus was the son of God, and that the Bible is God's word, written by mortals under divine influence. The New Life Church also believes in the Holy Spirit.

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The New Life Church also believes that Man is a unique creation and God's most valued form of life, as Man is made in God's image. The church states that as a result of Satan's actions in the Garden of Eden, all mankind, once they have the ability to use moral judgment, are condemned to sin. This sin can only be undone, and the person saved, by accepting the grace of God.

Salvation also plays a major part in the New Life Church. Salvation encompasses the redemption of Man, and there are a number of stages to salvation. Regeneration is the first stage, and symbolizes becoming one with change brought about by both repentance and the Holy Spirit. Justification is the acquitting of sin by God, with sanctification being an ongoing part of the regeneration process, moving an individual closer to God through both moral and spiritual growth. Glorification is the end state, the culmination of regeneration and sanctification, where the individual is finally redeemed of sin.

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