What are some beliefs of Mormons?


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Some beliefs of Mormons include that all humans will die and live eternally, the belief that God has a body and that Jesus is not the eternal word of God. Unlike mainstream Christian denominations, such as Catholicism and Protestantism, Mormons believe in the Godhead, and not the Trinity.

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What are some beliefs of Mormons?
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After a person dies, he enters a state where his spirit prepares to enter heaven, according to Mormon belief. After his spirit is ready, he becomes resurrected and rejoins his physical body in heaven. In heaven, the person gets to be in the presence of God and gets to rejoin his family.

Mormons refer to God as heavenly father. Both the heavenly father and Jesus Christ visited Joseph Smith, the first prophet and founder of the Mormon religion, and told him that all other Christian denominations were wrong. While other denominations believe that God is a non-physical entity, Mormons believe he is a physical being. Mormons also believe that the heavenly father created Jesus Christ as a spirit who received a holy body, just like everyone else, so he is not the eternal word of their religion.

While most Christian denominations believe that God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are one being, Mormons believe they are three separate beings with one combined mission, also called the Godhead. This belief puts Mormons at odds with other denominations who hold the Trinity as their core belief.

Another essential part of the Mormon faith is belief in the Plan of Salvation in which Jesus Christ atoned for men's sins so that they can be perfected and return to him. Part of this plan is free agency in which people can learn and grow. Mormons also believe that Jesus Christ's ancient gospel has been restored with Joseph Smith, Jr., in the 1800s. They believe that the restoration was accompanied by the translation and publication of an ancient book of scripture, the Book of Mormon, that chronicles an ancient Christian civilization in America thousands of years ago.

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