What Are the Beliefs of Mennonites?


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Mennonites believe that following Jesus is a central value of daily life, that it is possible to follow Jesus as a peacemaker, and that it is possible to live simply and in service to others as a response to God's love. Mennonites share many of the beliefs of other branches of Christianity.

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Mennonites believe that God created human beings in the image of the Divine, that humans have fallen through the commission of sin, and that God offers a means of salvation to humanity by way of believing in and following the teachings of Jesus. Another central belief is that God created the world in peace but that humanity has chosen violence, leading to worldwide conflicts and warfare. Jesus' appearance is seen as the full expression of God's acting in peace to reconcile the conflicts that humanity created. Mennonites therefore resolve to find peaceful solutions to conflicts, including practicing non-resistance even in the face of warfare.

The Mennonite Church practices these beliefs by conducting weekly church services and following "sacred ordinances," which include baptism, communion, marriage and ordination. They encourage their young people to spend a year of service in missions or service organizations and are generally opposed to military service.

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