What Do Beliefs Mean?

beliefs-mean Credit: Yasser Chalid/Moment Open/Getty Images

According to Dictionary.com, "belief" is an opinion or conviction of something. Beliefs develop from facts that are considered truthful, even without positive knowledge or proof. For instance, the presence of a supernatural being, or God, is a belief that is widely held among many people even though there is no documented proof that such a being exists.

Beliefs are mental attitudes established after an individual agrees with the proposition's truth. Such truths can be based on morals or on a body of facts presented by experts. In any case, the beliefs a person holds determine how that individual relates to those with shared or divergent beliefs. Religion is a belief system in which people believe that there is a divine force responsible for the creation of life in the universe. A divergent belief to religion is the theory of evolution, which states that life in the universe formed as a result of cataclysmic events and chemical reactions.

Both of these beliefs are validated by specific facts and supporting evidence; therefore, it is difficult to determine which one of these beliefs is the ultimate truth. However, in order for a belief to be considered as truth, it does not need to be accepted by everyone -- only by those who accept the facts supporting the idea of the belief.