What Are Some Beliefs About Life in Heaven?


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Most Christian-based religions believe that only those who lived according to God's will while on earth will make it to heaven. They believe that life in heaven will be all about singing and praising their creator who has finally brought them to His glory.

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One of the most common beliefs about heaven is that it is made up of golden streets and pearly gates, and there is a big golden mansion for everyone. The golden gates of Jerusalem are what Christians believe they will find in heaven. Another popular myth tells believers that heaven will not have the earthly elements like books, food, drinks, culture and the like. Although these elements are non-sinful, they are not to be found in heaven as they are some of the things that assisted humans to sin while on earth.

Christians also believe that once they rise from the dead and go to heaven, they will become God’s angels. It is a belief that only a person’s soul goes to heaven, where God will make everyone a heavenly being and crown them with His glory and honour. For those who believe in life in heaven, they believe that they will live for eternity. Death will not befall them again as God will have delivered them from earthly sufferings and brought them to His kingdom where they will live forever.

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