What Are Some Beliefs in Judaism?

Judaism asserts that there is one God who is perfect in every way. The religion also believes that God exists eternally and created everything in the world. Jewish people endeavour to praise God, follow his commandments and study the Torah, which contains God's revelation as received by the prophet Moses.

Contemporary Judaism consists of several different branches. Orthodox Judaism stresses the importance of obeying the commandments. The group believes it is the legitimate and historic form of Judaism. It does not allow the ordination of female rabbis and discourages women from entering leadership roles. Conservative Judaism recognizes plurality in the religion and allows for more interpretation of dogma, although it specifically forbids atheism and polytheism. Many Conservative Jewish groups allow the ordination of women as rabbis.

Reform Judaism believes that people should be free to interpret teachings according to their choice and conscience. It teaches that proper ethics are central to the faith and are more important than rituals. Reconstructionist Judaism denies the existence of a supernatural, personal God. The followers don't believe in divine intervention and many consider themselves atheists. Typically, Judaism accepts people who choose to convert to the religion, but it does not actively try to recruit new members.