What Are the Beliefs of The Episcopal Church?

Michael Fraley/CC-BY 2.0

The Episcopal Church is a Christian church that believes Jesus Christ came to save humanity from sin. They follow the Nicene Creed, which confirms the belief in the Holy Trinity of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

The Episcopal Church believes that the Bible is the word of God and uses it heavily in religious services. They also use the Book of Common Prayer, which is a devotional resource they view as a unifying statement of faith. Much of the Book of Common Prayer is taken from the Bible. Although they believe that the Bible comes from God, they use reason and tradition to interpret it.

In the Episcopal faith, Jesus Christ died on the cross for the salvation of humanity and was resurrected three days later. This event promised the resurrection of Christians after they die. They also believe in the sacraments of Holy Communion and baptism. Their rites are often similar to those found in the Roman Catholic Church, and the Episcopal Church is sometimes described as being partway between Catholicism and Protestantism.

The Episcopal Church values diversity and inclusiveness. They welcome LGBT people and as of 2015 have a provisional rite of blessing for same-gender couples. The church believes women can serve in ministry and welcomes people of all races.