What Does Belgium Export?

Belgium exports a variety of goods, including raw materials, crops, and manufactured items such as computers and other electronics. Belgium has few natural resources, and exports primarily items produced by mechanical means, such as technological devices and commercial and industrial materials, including machines and equipment used for construction and transportation.

Belgium primarily exports equipment used in the construction and manufacturing industries, such as motor vehicles, construction vehicles and other items used to create infrastructure, including highways, roads, bridges, and residential and commercial structures. Belgium contains large deposits of iron and steel, which makes it a leading exporter of products produced from these elements. In addition to exporting items made primarily from iron and steel, Belgium exports these minerals in their raw form, where they are shipped to other countries for further production. In addition to exporting industrial goods, Belgium exports some food products, such as coffee and chocolate as well as live animals including pigs, cattle and other livestock. Belgium produces and exports a small amount of beverages and tobacco, which is shipped elsewhere as a crop product or in semi-finished form. Belgium also exports some chemical products, precious metals and minerals, such as diamonds, and certain types of textiles. Most of its products are sent to other nations in Europe, although some are sent to the United States as well.