What Are Some Behavior Types Outlined in Psychology?

Some types of behavior outlined in psychology include appropriate behavior, inappropriate behavior, and maladaptive or emotional behavior. Other types of behavior may exist in excess or in deficit. Behavior can also be classified as aggressive, passive aggressive or assertive.

Appropriate behavior is behavior that accomplishes personal goals without infringing upon the needs of others. Inappropriate behavior is behavior that might be appropriate but takes place at an inappropriate time or place. For instance, bed-wetting and exhibitionism are both considered inappropriate behaviors. Maladaptive behavior happens as a result of an unusually strong autonomic system response. Certain fears and anxieties may be classified as maladaptive.

When a behavior is considered to be a deficit behavior, that means a person does not have the skills or knowledge to carry out a desired behavior. Excess behaviors are when a person exhibits too much of a behavior. Excessive consumption of alcohol and over-eating are both considered excessive behaviors.

There are a multitude of psychological perspectives that seek to explain why people behave the way they do. These perspectives include the behaviorist perspective, the psychodynamic perspective, humanism, cognitive psychology, biological psychology and evolutionary psychology.

People with different personality types may be more likely to display different behaviors. For example, people with a Type A personality tend to be more competitive and self-critical, they feel a greater sense of urgency and they tend to be more easily angered. Those with a Type B personality tend to be more tolerant, relaxed and reflective, while Type C personalities tend to avoid conflict and suppress emotions.