How Do You Become a Witch?

become-witch Credit: Fernnando Dutra/CC-BY 2.0

Although there are numerous ways to become a witch, one simple way is to learn about the different magick traditions and educate yourself on the history of witchcraft. Most candidates study for a year and a day, perform a dedication ritual and join a coven.

  1. Learn about the different traditions

    There are few, if any, formally recognized schools of witchcraft. The process is simply a personal and spiritual journey that involves learning as much as you can about the craft. Read any information you can find on Wicca, Neo-paganism and Druidism as well as regional and esoteric witchcrafts, such as Santeria and Stregheria.

  2. Incorporate a broad range of resources

    To get a better understanding of witchcraft, it is wise to read from a variety of sources. A few classic authors and books to choose from include Aleister Crowley, Colin Wilson's "The Occult: A History" and Buckland's "Complete Book of Witchcraft."

  3. Practice what you learn, and develop personal goals

    Although there are covens you can join once you have finished your year and a day of study, being a witch is ultimately a personal journey. For this reason, it is important to set your own goals and decide your own path. Keep a journal recording your experience; outline what you want to achieve and how you hope witchcraft can improve your life.

  4. Perform a dedication ritual

    After you have completed your study and decided that witchcraft is the right path for you, it is time to perform a dedication ritual. This ritual is a personal experience and is done on your own in a location of your choosing.