How Do You Become a Wiccan?


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The steps to becoming a Wiccan include learning about Wicca beliefs, performing a self-dedication ritual, and contacting a local coven. Some Wiccans choose to be solitary practitioners rather than join covens, and these Wiccans follow Raymond Buckland's Seax-Wica tradition while creating their own rituals.

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The Wiccan self-dedication ritual involves making a commitment to learn about the Wiccan goddess, god and the ethical demands of Wicca. Believers also commit to maintaining a personal Book of Shadows, which contains magical rituals, religious texts and personal experiences. Some believers also make commitments during the self-dedication rituals to gain the ranks of Priest or Priestess within the religion.

Covens consist of three or more Wiccans. Many covens only accept members over 18 years of age. Some covens meet informally, while others require potential members to pass a training test that traditionally lasts a year and a day before becoming a member.

Wicca does not have a religious canon but traditionally has a goddess associated with the moon, stars, and earth and a horned god associated with the forest, sun and animals. The goddess embodies the maiden, the mother and the crone. The goddess and god balance each other. Some Wiccans believe that the deities are symbolic, while others believe that they genuinely exist.

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