How Do You Become a Vampire in Real Life?

How Do You Become a Vampire in Real Life?

How Do You Become a Vampire in Real Life?

While there is no such thing as a real vampire, it's fairly easy and inexpensive to dress up like one. It's possible to look like vampire with only some makeup, a set of fangs and the right clothes.

  1. Apply the makeup

    For a truly undead look, use a very pale foundation or a white face paint on your skin. Covering this with baby powder helps to set the foundation while also contributing to the pale look. Women should apply a smoky eye, dark eyebrow makeup, and red or purple lipstick to add to the effect. Both men and women can simulate blood around their mouths with either some red lip liner or with the fake blood that is commonly sold at novelty or Halloween stores.

  2. Get some fangs

    Fake fangs are easily found at the seasonal Halloween stores that appear in most cities starting in September. At other times of the year, novelty stores such as Spencer's Gifts usually carry them, or they can be found online.

  3. Get the right clothes

    Men can dress like aristocratic vampires with a taffeta cloak, tuxedo shirt, cummerbund and bow tie. For a more modern vampire look, both men and women can try a black leather jacket, black boots and black jeans.