How Do You Become More Talkative?


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Some techniques to be more talkative in conversation include agreeing with and affirming other people's statements, managing conversational expectations and not overthinking what to say. Shyness seems like an ingrained quality, but small changes in behavior can help quieter individuals contribute more to conversations.

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Agreeing with other people's statements may not seem much like talking, but it can actually have a big effect on the conversation. Mentioning a similar experience or simply responding with a brief "Uh huh" can help others feel validated and more at ease. Even small additions to the conversation can make an individual appear more talkative.

Less talkative people are often afraid to contribute because of unrealistic conversational expectations. They may want everyone to like them, agree with their opinions and not offend them. Because saying anything risks confounding any one of these expectations, a shy person may never contribute to the conversation. Identifying unrealistic expectations and trying to scale them down realistically can help shy people come out of their shells.

Not thinking too hard about what to say can also help with talkativeness. Shy individuals often overanalyze every possible sentence they might utter, which leads to saying nothing. Worrying less about saying the perfect phrase in every interaction can help reserved people loosen up and talk more.

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