How Do You Become an Ordained Baptist Minister?

To be an ordained Baptist minister, a person must first have a personal and committed relationship with the Lord Jesus. He must be in regular attendance at a local Baptist church, and must be involved with various ministries of the church. The person must have a clear and divine calling for full-time ministry as well as complete theological education, followed by an interview and perhaps an ordination ceremony.

  1. Develop a close relationship with God, and attend church regularly

    Spend time reading the Bible, praying and learning more about the Lord Jesus. Find and attend a small local Baptist church where the people are warm and loving. Get involved in the activities of the church, and attend as many of the weekly services as possible.

  2. Prepare your soul and mind for a divine calling

    Baptists believe that the urge and desire to become a minister come from God as an inner conviction, giving up an existing job or lifestyle and devoting oneself entirely to God's service. If such a calling is experienced, talk to other believers to understand and confirm it.

  3. Get ready to be ordained

    Enroll in a Bible college or seminary to learn Biblical history and doctrine, and work in your church to gain experience in delivering sermons, organizing events and forming committees. Upon graduation, check with the church or an ordination council about its ordination process.