How Do You Become Motivated?


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Some strategies to become motivated including focusing on a single goal, finding sources of inspiration and publicly committing to a goal. Taking small steps toward a goal can help build motivation and make achieving it far easier.

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Focusing on one goal at a time is one of the primary strategies to become motivated. Dividing energy between too many tasks or aspirations can make it difficult to focus and finish any of them. Instead, focus on one task at a time, and dedicate all available time and resources to that goal. Once one task is accomplished, it's time to move onto the next one.

Sources of inspiration can come from anywhere. An inspiration could be a friend or family member who has accomplished a similar goal. Learning about people who have achieved great feats can also be highly motivating. Whether it's a biography, an interview, a documentary or a blog post, search out success stories, and try to learn from them.

Publicly announcing a goal to others creates greater motivation to achieve it. It's not necessary to tell the whole world, but consider mentioning a goal to friends, family members or co-workers. Post about it on a blog or other social media. Giving public updates on the progress of the goal makes it far more difficult to give up on it.

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