How Do You Become a Born-Again Christian?


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To become a born-again Christian, one must profess his sins, accept that Jesus Christ is the son of God who died for man on the cross, ask God's forgiveness and proclaim his new faith. After following these initial steps, however, Christians believe that other steps must be taken in order to maintain faith in God.

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Becoming a Christian is relatively easy. There are specific rituals in which one has to engage. Christians, though, are encouraged to attend church on a regular basis. Many churches engage in rituals in which it is accepted that those who are truly dedicated to the Christian faith must engage. Partaking in communion and being baptized are two such rituals.

Tithing is also an expectation of Christians. Tithing is donating money to the church on a regular basis. In general, Christians are expected to tithe at least 10 percent, as instructed in the Bible. It is also expected that Christians study the Bible. Though not all churches believe that the Bible is a literal interpretation of history, virtually all churches believe that it is a guideline from God concerning what he expects from followers. Evangelical churches encourage their members to go out and recruit other Christians.

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