What Are the Basics of the Torah?


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The basic laws of the Torah are broken into 10 chapters of six positive and four negative commandments. Some of the six positive commandments include recognizing God, not questioning his existence and unifying God. Some of the four negative commandments are to not desecrate God's name or destroy things that have God's name written on them.

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The first chapter of the Torah places a focus on explaining that God existed before anything else, and it goes on to say that God has no body and there is no other god besides him. Chapter two and three emphasize the commandments to love God, and that all forms are divided into three categories, which are mortal beings of diverse existences, such as humans, animals and plants.

The fourth chapter states that humans were created by the four elements, and it goes over how souls are formed. The fifth chapter discusses the requirement to sanctify God's name and defines what is considered a desecration of his name, while the sixth chapter goes over which names may be erased, aside from any holy names. The seventh chapter's focus is on who warrants a prophecy, pointing out the difference between the prophecy of Moses and other prophets.

The eighth chapter is about Moses' signs and the reason behind them, and the ninth chapter restricts any prophets from making any changes to the Torah's commandments. The final chapter discusses when to believe prophets, according to signs they are required to perform.

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