What Are Some Basic Volleyball Rules?

Republic of Korea/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Beginning with the most basic of rules, each team is allowed six players on the court at one time. Three of these players are designated front row players and three are confined to the back row. Each team is allowed three hits to return the ball over the net.

On the player front, each team is allowed one “libero” player. This player wears a different color jersey and is designated a defensive specialist. The libero can replace any back row player, but is not allowed to attack the ball above the net. Because of this stipulation, the libero is usually short in stature and has quick hands and feet.

The basic types of hits are bumps, sets and spikes. Bumps occur when the hands are placed together and meet the ball, guiding it to another player. Bumps must be made with closed fists as an open fist would be called a “carry” and result in a point for the other team. A set is made with both hands above the head and it intended to guide the ball just to the edge of the net for a spike to take place. Spikes are made by attackers and should be hard, low line drives that will gain a point for the attacking team.