What Are Some of the Basic Beliefs of the Quaker Religion?


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One of the most basic Quaker beliefs is that humans can commune directly with God; members of the church also believe that their outward lives should reflect their relationship with God. Quakers believe that God loves each person on Earth and that God exists in everyone. The majority of members believe that inward faith is more important than rituals and statements.

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Most traditional Quakers believe that the Holy Spirit provides guidance to followers. They also believe that the guidance remains the same, and that it is never contradictory to previous guidance. Many members believe in focusing on the present rather than the existence of heaven and hell; as such, they are concerned with living their lives in accordance with immediate spiritual guidance rather than the promise of heaven.

Many Quakers believe that the Bible is an important resource. Although many church members consider themselves to be Christian, not all groups use the Bible exclusively. Some groups believe in gathering guidance from other major religions.

Beliefs, and the expression of the beliefs, can vary between different groups of Quakers. Some members believe in classic silent services, where each member is receptive to the divine. Other branches use programmed services, which feature a sermon, singing and scripture readings.

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