What Are Some Baptist Sunday School Lesson Ideas?


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Ideas for Sunday School lesson topics are the Fruit of the Spirit, Armor of God, or your church's catechism. Plan lessons according to your audience. Children, teens and adults have different levels of interest and understanding.

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Children enjoy fun Sunday School lessons, stories and hands-on activities. Select one Fruit of the Spirit each week and use tangible examples, such as the idea that patience is having to wait for things we want. Allow children to describe a time they had to be patient. Use the Armor of God to teach how to withstand against sin. Dress children in "armor" and help them label the parts and teach one piece of the armor each week.

Teenagers are able to reach a deeper understanding of what children learn. Provide teenagers more responsibility by using discussions or "homework." Teach Sunday School lessons relevant to what teenagers are experiencing in their daily lives, such as responsibility, peer pressure, current cultural topics and making right choices. You can also focus on lessons related to faith, who God is, and how Christians should live.

Adapt Baptist Sunday School lessons for each adult class. Some adults are young in faith and need simpler lessons. Alternatively, it might be a class for singles where marriage enrichment lessons are not relevant. Teaching your church's catechism is helpful to provide an understanding of what the church body believes and why. Alternatively, you can delve into apologetics or a deeper meaning of who God is.

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