Where Is There a Baptist Church Directory Available Online?

ABCIS.org, SBC.net, SwordoftheLord.com and Believe.com provide online Baptist church directories. Some of the directories are for specific Baptist organizations such as the American Baptist Church and the Southern Baptist Convention. Other directories are more general and include a variety of Baptist churches and organizations.

The American Baptist Churches Information Systems website, ABCIS.org, provides a database of over 5,200 Baptist churches in the United States and Puerto Rico. Visitors to the site can search for a church by city, state or ZIP code.

The Southern Baptist Convention website, SBC.net, has a database that includes more than 50,000 churches and missions. The online directory is searchable by ZIP code, city or partial church name. Each Southern Baptist church is autonomous but aligned with the Southern Baptist Convention as a unifying organization.

SwordoftheLord.com offers an online directory that includes all of the independent Baptist churches that have previously advertised in Sword of the Lord magazine. The directory includes church addresses, websites, pastors and phone numbers. The site also has listings of Baptist conferences, colleges, camps and jubilees.

Believe.com provides a multi-denominational online directory that includes various Baptist churches in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada. Users may search by church name, denomination and location.