What Is the Ballistic Trajectory of a 22-250?

According to SportsmansGuide.com in 2016, the federal ballistics chart for Remington 22-250 lists the trajectory for an average range as zero inches above sight line to -7.6 inches at 300 yards. The trajectory for long range is from zero, then up slightly, then down to -32 inches at 500 yards.

The federal ballistics chart for an average range Remington 22-250 shows a 3.56 gram Boat-Tail hollow point bullet in relation to sight line at -0.4 inches at 50 yards, at zero inches at 100 yards, at -1.7 inches at 200 yards and at -7.6 inches at 300 yards. The long range chart shows the trajectory at zero inches at 50 yards, 0.9 inches at 100 yards, zero inches at 200 yards, -5 inches at 300 yards and -15.1 inches at 400 yards. The chart finishes with -32 inches at 500 yards.