What Bait Is Best for Fishing in a Lake?

The choice of bait to use when fishing in a lake or large pond depends on many factors, such as the type of fish being sought, weather conditions and the time of day. However, the best baits to use are often live baits such as small fish, worms, crickets or grasshoppers; cut bait; and other artificial lures like plastic worms, spinner baits and crankbaits.

Live bait is often the best choice because these baits can be selected to match the type of food that the fish typically feed on, and by still being alive when hooked, this type of bait can mimic their movement in the water. Dead or plastic baits usually have to be kept moving, a process called jigging, in order to mimic the action of live bait. Metal spoons and lures may also work well during sunny days or when fishing directly beneath lights because the light glints beneath the surface of the water, catching the fish’s attention.