What Are Some Baby Names for Both Boys and Girls?

Travis Swan/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Baby names that work for both girls and boys include Arron, Alexis, Addison and Bailey. In fact, Bailey or Baylee, and Addison or Addyson have started to be popular in 2015. Another popular name is Riley or Rylee. Blair, Casey, Dakota and Dallas are other names that work for both genders.

Erin, Evan, Hadley and Haiden are other alternatives. Finally, Ira, Jesse and Madison also work. The previously mentioned names have very diverse origins, ranging from Hebrew, Greek, English, Scottish, Irish to Sioux. Each one has a certain meaning associated with it. For instance, Casey means “brave,” and Evan means “young warrior.” Another name with an interesting meaning is Arron, as it means “enlightened,” as well as Dallas, with the meaning of “waterfall that is near a field.”

There are benefits associated with using a gender-neutral name for a child. For instance, it ensures that the child has a unique name. Another example is that it makes gender less of a defining factor for the child. However, as sociologists point out, there tends to be a double standard in this area. It seems fine for most to name a girl Charlie, because they tend to think that it empowers the girl, but giving a boy a feminine name is seen as demeaning.