Does Azithromycin Contain Penicillin?

Pamela Moore/E+/Getty Images

According to RxList, azithromycin does not contain penicillin and is considered a macrolide antibiotic. While azithromycin contains no penicillin, some people may have an allergic reaction to it. If a patient has allergies to medication, or liver, kidney or muscle disease, the doctor must be informed before treatment.

Azithromycin is an antibiotic commonly given for sinusitis, COPD, pneumonia and tonsillitis. Some ulcers and skin infections are also treated with azithromycin, according to RxList.

Dosages range from 500 milligrams to 2 grams, and are taken once a day. The correct dosage depends on the specific medical condition that the drug is being given to treat. According to RxList, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and upset stomach are some of the most common side effects associated with azithromycin. Some people also experience heart palpitations and chest pain from the drug.