What Are Some of the Available Spirit Animal Quizzes?


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Quizzes for finding a spirit animal are available on SpiritAnimal.info, JeriSmithReady.com and QuizSocial.com. These websites offer details on how an animal characterizes and protects a person. Additionally, PrimalAstrology.com and MyPowerAnimal.com determine a person's power animal based on the date of birth.

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What Are Some of the Available Spirit Animal Quizzes?
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Crystal-Cure.com and GaiamTV.com offer alternative ways to find the spirit animal, like meditation, dream recollection or observing intuitive connections. According to Crystal-Cure.com, a person can have different spirit animals, or totem animals throughout life.

GaiamTV.com claims that a spirit animal chooses a person, not the other way around. The concept originates in shamanic tradition. Shamans believe that an animal is a protector and guide, and can lend its strengths to a person to help him overcome his weaknesses.

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