What Do Australians Eat for Breakfast?

There is no one definable Australian breakfast cuisine, reports the Australian Government Department of Trade and Foreign Affairs. Instead, the morning menu features a blend of old traditions and new influences. The breakfast foods consumed in Australia are as diverse as its melting pot population, which is comprised of native aborigines and immigrants from Asian and European countries.

StartanewlifeinAustralia.com notes that coffee is an important part of the morning routine and is often mixed with the wattle seed, a native seed say with a nutty, chocolate flavor. Quick grab-and-go breakfasts, such as cereal and bars, are also popular. For example, a high-fiber, whole-grain wheat breakfast biscuit called Weet-Bix has been an Aussie favorite since 1930, reports CNN Travel. Australia has a prolific agricultural industry, and there are plenty of Queensland bananas, berries and local milk to create a balanced meal with a bowl of Weet-Bix or other breakfast cereal.

CNN Travel also points out that Vegemite is a beloved breakfast and snack food in Australia. The savory and slightly sweet brown paste is made from yeast extract and is most commonly used as a spread on toasted bread. On weekends, a more leisurely breakfast in Australia might include pancakes, bacon, sausage, fresh fruit and other continental fare.