How Do You Find Auctions Using AuctionZip?

To find an auction using AuctionZip, select the appropriate auction category from a list located on AuctionZip’s home page. Find local auctions by selecting your state’s home page, entering your ZIP code and choosing auctions from a provided list of nearby events.

Categories of auctions listed by AuctionZip include Antiques, Automobiles, Jewelry, Militaria and Commercial. Additionally, you can search for auctions from categories such as Restaurant Equipment, Toys, Trains, Vintage Clothing and Heavy Equipment. After selecting a particular auction category, enter your ZIP code into the search engine, and AuctionZip provides a calendar of auctions within 30, 50 or 100 miles of your location. Auction listings include a description of the auction, as well as the auction’s location, time and photo gallery. The AuctionZip home page also provides a list of top viewed auctions and auctioneers.

You can also find specific auctioneers by searching AuctionZip’s online directory. After submitting your ZIP code, you receive a list of auctioneers near your location. Each auctioneer listing includes the auctioneer’s name, as well as his company’s name, location and upcoming auctions. Auctions listed on AuctionZip include in-store and online events. AuctionZip provides several Help sections where you can find information about online bidding, absentee bidding, times of auctions and live bidding.