What Are Some of the Attributes of the Christian God?


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Some attributes associated with God in the Bible are omniscience, eternity, holiness, sovereignty and wisdom. Other qualities attributed to God include justice, love, mercy, omnipotence and omnipresence.

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The Bible describes God as an omniscient being, meaning that he understands everything in the universe. One notable description of God's omniscience is 1 John 3:20, where the apostle plainly states that "God is greater than our heart, and knows all things." The Bible also attributes eternity to God, stating that he had no beginning and that he will have no end. Bible passages such as Malachi 3:6 also call God's personality eternal, in that it never changes.

God demonstrates his holiness in separating himself from all moral defilement. In fact, the Bible describes God's holiness as supreme because he is a totally separate entity from any other creation in the universe. The Bible defines God's sovereignty as his right to control everything that exists. The Bible often talks about God's will as stronger than the will of any other entity.

God shows his wisdom to the extent that none of his decisions are errors. Similarly, God displays his justice in a manner entirely devoid of favoritism or corruption. However, God displays mercy and love towards those who he deems worthy of his care.

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