What Attracts a Pisces Woman?

According to astrology, since females with the Pisces sign tend to be more feminine than most, the best way to win her heart is by showing an assertive personality and being patient, as she will not let just anyone into her life. The good news for men who aren't necessarily assertive by nature is that a Pisces female is extremely kind-hearted, and can easily fall for someone down on his luck.

A Pisces women may be slow to warm up to the advances of others, but with enough charm and effort, she can fall just as anyone else, and when she does, she won't hold back on the love she has to offer. There are several things to keep in mind when it comes to wooing a Pisces:

  • Offer Praise
  • This can apply to just about anyone, but flattery may work on a Pisces the best. They can often have low self-esteem and need repeated validation about their strengths. Showering her with words of love is a great way to win her over.

  • Don't Come On Strong
  • A Pisces can be flighty at times, and will need to feel like she has the freedom to enter into a courtship at her own pace. If a potential lover makes her feel pressured, she's likely to reject those advances.

  • Be Creative
  • As one of the creative types of people, a Pisces girl will appreciate a man who woos her by thinking out of the box. Don't worry about playing it safe or being traditional. Instead, unleash any inside sources of creativity and appeal to her romantic side.