How Do You Attract a Virgo Man?

Attract a Virgo man by taking things slowly, being observant and acting dignified and reserved. Pay extra care to clothing and hygiene, as Virgo men have keen eyes for refinement.

Virgo men tend to be methodical, detail oriented and sensitive. Virgos pay close attention to the sights, sounds and smells around them, and can be overwhelmed by loud prints or colors, chaotic environments and strong perfumes. Cautious and introverted, Virgo men seek deep intellectual and emotional bonds that naturally grow over time, but they place a high value on their solitude, so be careful not to crowd them. Additionally, Virgo men are likely to run from situations they consider dramatic or overly complicated, so keep things light and friendly while getting to know them.

It's very likely that a Virgo man has a fairly rigid daily schedule. One way to become more involved in his life is to become familiar with that schedule and work with it or around it, avoiding disrupting his organized lifestyle.

Because Virgo men pay attention to details, they appreciate when others notice and respond to their own likes and dislikes. Small gifts, such as a new wallet when his needs replacing, or acts of service, such as running an errand without being asked, go a long way toward making Virgo men feel valued.