How Do You Attract a Venus Aquarius Man?

To attract a Venus Aquarius man, be completely different than every other person the man knows, or at least be able to convince him of this. Take every opportunity available to shock him with individuality to maintain his interest.

The Venus Aquarius does not evaluate potential lovers with a strict list of requirements. He just wants someone who stands out from the crowd. His dream lover is a true individual who goes against the grain and loves to converse about a wide range of topics. In the bedroom, the Venus Aquarius man's ideal lover must be kinky but not in an extreme way. The Venus Aquarius man gets bored with revisiting the same romantic experiences over and over, so anything his romantic interest does to keep things new and exciting is much appreciated.

The Venus Aquarius man is often labeled as unromantic or detached. His desire for newness and adventure, unfortunately, gets him tagged as a cheater and a person who is afraid of commitment. It's true that the Aquarian heart tends to have scattered desires, but if the Venus Aquarius enters into a serious relationship and comes to value that companionship, he tends to keep his desires under control.