How Do You Attract a Taurus Man?


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To attract a Taurus man, one must appeal to several constants in his nature. The first is his love of sensual pleasures and natural things. The second is his slow, methodical and sometimes tedious disposition. Finally, potential wooers need attend to the Taurus penchant for the predictable, trustworthy and secure.

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Taurus men are among the most earth-bound of all the signs, so they demand proximity to nature to stay balanced. Good outings include long walks, hikes in the woods or trips to the beach. Because the senses play such a key role for Taurus, he appreciates beautiful clothes, subtle perfumes, soft fabrics, aromatic candles and fine foods, particularly wine and chocolates. Taurus men are attracted to femininity above all, so tomboyish dress or behavior is likely to stale the match. This does not mean that women have to change who they are and become runway models — just that they be sensitive to the fact that Taurus men love that feminine quality in women, according to AstroReveal. Taurus men may be slow in disclosing their feelings to a partner, so patience with the process is critical. Taurus men similarly enjoy security in all things, particularly relationships, health, finances and residence.

Women interested in a Taurus should understand that while boring, keeping his partner safe is also a central way in which a Taurus feels he provides for others. Taurus men can sometimes get jealous and possessive; in the least, the woman can take this as a sure sign that they have the target's interest. Additionally, the Taurus man has a slow-burning temper that, once erupted, may be surprising. However, the episodes are usually short, and the Taurus usually blames himself for the outburst much more than he does any original offense, large or small, which may have caused it. If a woman can tolerate these occasional bursts of ego and machismo, and remember that she is the solely veiled affection, and if she can sometimes allow the Taurus to play the white knight protector, then all should be well.

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