How Do You Attract a Scorpio Man?

To attract a Scorpio man, it is best to create an air of mystery, and play hard to get. The Scorpio man enjoys a good mystery, and giving him all the details is a sure fire way to make him lose interest.

Attracting a Scorpio man is a delicate balance between giving him an enticing puzzle to solve and gaining his trust. Scorpios are sensitive to outright lies, and once their trust is broken, it is difficult to gain it back. Scorpio men are driven in their careers and are attracted to those with professional ambition.

Scorpios like to push their boundaries with other people but are not impressed by those who they can push around. They want a strong partner with direction, not someone who is easily defeated or shows signs of weak will. Those trying to get to know a Scorpio man might find that he is not quick to reveal too much about himself. In order to keep him attracted, it is best to respect his natural tendency to keep his personal business private until trust is established. The Scorpio male does not enjoy being told what to do and requires a softer approach if there is ever a need to request something of him.