How Do You Attract a Libra Man?

To attract a Libra man, a woman must dress well, care for her appearance, have a taste for the finer things in life, allow him plenty freedom and be ready to commit to the relationship. Ruled by Venus, the planet of sex and romance, the Libra man is romantic at heart.

The Libra man loves the finer things, from the food he eats to the car he drives and everything in between. Anything to do with art, music or beauty attracts his attention. He likes being in well-kept, clean and inviting living spaces.

To win the Libra man's heart, be ready for commitment. He needs to be in a relationship all the time and has great difficulty being alone. The more committed and serious the relationship, the happier he is. He craves love and romance and the togetherness of a steady relationship.

He is an air sign, so to keep his interest, have plenty of topics of conversation and eclectic preoccupations of your own.

Being highly ambitious sometimes leaves him unable to make a decision. If he chooses only one area on which to focus that ambition, he closes out all other areas and possibilities. That restricts the freedom he desires, which is in direct conflict with his nature.