How Do You Attract a Gemini Man?


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A man represented by the Gemini zodiac sign is attracted to adventure, fun and freedom. He loves to be spontaneous. He adores a partner who shares his affinity for the absurd.

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The Gemini man is known as the eternal bachelor of the zodiac. Flirting is his way of playing. Variety truly is the spice of his life, and because of that, he might have more than one girlfriend at a time. His freedom is the driving force behind most of his decisions. Clingy, jealous people are turnoffs for him. He prefers light, casual, no-pressure relationships to more serious and monogamous ones. This does not mean that he will never get married, though. As he gets older, and his adventuresome side is tamer, the Gemini man usually settles down and marries someone who can keep up with his ever-changing and playful approach to life.

Conversations with a broad range of topics suit him as he is knowledgeable on a wide variety of subjects. It is easy to get to know the Gemini man because he loves to share his opinions and ideas through conversations. The Gemini man changes his mind often because he is constantly sifting and sorting through his standpoints, beliefs and worldviews. He is not being sketchy; it is in his nature to be that way.

Going through life as a closed-minded, strictly-by-the-rules kind of person is one of the biggest turnoffs for the Gemini man.

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