How Do You Attract a Cancer Woman?

A woman represented by the Cancer zodiac symbol is attracted to constant emotional security, reassurance and affection. The Cancer woman seems shy or distant at first, but that is only to protect her emotions. By nature she is nurturing, loving, kind, family-oriented and moody.

Take it slow and steady with a Cancer woman. Be honest from the beginning about how you really feel about her. A Cancer needs honesty, integrity and perseverance from her mate to feel secure. If she finds out you have an agenda, she is likely to retreat. Because she has sensitive feelings that are easily hurt, tread carefully, and never play on her insecurities.

Ask about her family and childhood, but don't probe too deep too soon or she may shut down. Being a very private person, she reveals herself at her own pace. Don't push or rush her. Share stories from your life that show you're caring, fun to be with and loyal. Sharing stories that show you are brash, crude or insensitive is unwise.

The Cancer lady loves to laugh and have fun; she never completely loses that childlike sense of wonder. An ideal date night for her is staying home, watching a romantic comedy, and snuggling up on the sofa with you. Another good date night idea is to invite her to your place and prepare a special dinner. The small things mean the most to Cancers.