How Do You Attach a Swivel Base to a Rocker Recliner?

Attach a swivel base to a rocker recliner by turning the chair over, removing the black cloth that covers the bottom, fitting a plywood plate for the framework and attaching the rocking, swivel base to the plywood. Inspect the framework under the chair before making the modification, and do not proceed if it is in poor repair. Attaching the swivel base sometimes affects the looks and operation of the recliner.

Swivel bases often have several holes for attaching the mechanism to the bottom of the chair. If the existing framework matches the holes, it is not necessary to install the plywood base, but for recliners with an open framework, the plate is the best option. It is necessary to remove the existing rocking mechanism from some recliners before installing the new base.

The swivel base usually attaches to the plywood base using nuts, bolts and washers. Once you fit the base to the chair, mark the location for the swivel base according to the manufacturer’s directions, and mark any holes you need to drill for attaching the base. Tighten the bolts using an appropriate wrench, and attach the base to the frame of the chair. Test the chair to ensure the base is in the proper location to prevent if from tipping over when fully reclined before placing it back into use.