What Does Athena Do in “The Odyssey”?

In Homer’s “The Odyssey,” Athena helps Odysseus after he escaped from Calypso’s island and guides him along his journey. Because Athena is patron goddess of heroes, it is her job to protect Odysseus from danger.

Athena convinced Zeus to send Hermes with a message to Calypso telling her that she has to let Odysseus leave her island. Odysseus sails away and eventually finds himself in the land of the Phaeacians, whom Athena persuades to help him through Nausicaa, a princess. She appears in Nausicaa’s dream and convinces her to go to the river, where she finds Odysseus and welcomes him to her home. Disguised as a little girl, Athena leads him to the palace, where he is honored. When Odysseus makes it back to Ithaca, Athena reunites Odysseus with his son Telemachus and secures Odysseus’ reign in Ithaca.