What Is Astrocartography?


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Astrocartography, also known sometimes as astrogeography, is an approach to astrology that considers a person's birth chart as it relates to issues concerned with geography, such as travel and relocation plans. American astrologer Jim Lewis developed the field.

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Followers of astrocartography work to determine what planets were in an angular position (rising, setting or at their zenith or nadir) at the time of a person's birth. Using this information, the data is projected onto a world map, and predictions for the auspicious or inauspicious nature of a trip, planned move or other event can be made.

Further, when one is aware of another person's place and time of birth, this data allegedly can explain why one person feels an immediate connection to another, or why someone else, inexplicably, seems to rub him the wrong way. If another person's birth occurred in a friendly region of one's astrocartography map, the chances of forging a positive, meaningful and life-long bond with him or her are enhanced. Users can employ this information when considering decisions related to dating and marriage, business partnerships or any other type of interpersonal relationship, though it is not based on any kind of reputable science as of 2015.

The information can also be helpful to keep in mind when one encounters a difficult person who cannot be avoided, such as a co-worker. With information about his or her birthplace and how it relates to the regions of one's own map, it might make it easier to anticipate and mitigate future difficulties.

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