What Are Some Astral Projection Tips for Beginners?

Tips for people beginning astral projection include relaxation techniques and techniques for initiating a state of astral projection. Information about what an astral projection experience is like and what sensations are normal can be helpful to beginners.

When trying astral projection, it is important to achieve a state of total relaxation to allow the mind to leave the physical body. Deep breathing exercises and meditation are both helpful when trying to achieve a state of deep relaxation.

Astral projection typically is more successful for people who do not have any fear of the phenomenon and have a strong desire to experience it.

Some beginners find it helpful to visualize a rope hanging above their bodies and achieve states of astral projection by climbing the rope with their minds. Other people find it easier to imagine they are gradually floating out of and away from their physical bodies.

Once astral projection has begun, vibrations are felt throughout the body. It is important to remain calm once the vibrations begin, as this is a sign that the process is working and is not a sign of danger.

Many people find that a specific time of day works better for them when attempting astral projection. Experiment by trying techniques at different times of day to see what works best.

Beginners may want to use the assistance of relaxing music or sounds. Some people listen to binaural beats, which some people believe affect the frequency of brain waves and make it easier to engage in astral projection.