What Are Some Aspects of the NRSV Bible?


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The New Revised Standard Version is an ecumenical translation of the Bible. The NRSV uses contemporary language, including gender-neutral language when referring to human beings.

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The NRSV is a modern update of the Revised Standard Version, which is itself a revision of the King James Version of 1611. The complete NRSV was published in 1989, and is the most widely authorized bible translation, approved for use by 33 Protestant denominations. It has also been endorsed by American and Canadian Roman Catholic bishops and a leader of the Greek Orthodox Church.

The NRSV was produced by a scholarly committee of 30 men and women from Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox traditions. The translation updated archaic personal pronouns like "thee" and "thou" and replaced English words that have changed in meaning since the original RSV was published. The translation utilizes gender-neutral language to make clear when the original text refers to male and female persons together.

The translation committee made use of scholarship that was not previously available, such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, newly discovered ancient Greek and Hebrew manuscripts, archaeological finds, and new understandings of Greek and Hebrew grammar. The goal of the committee was to produce a translation that was as literal as possible to remain faithful to the original languages and as free as necessary for clarity of meaning in English.

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