Which Aspect of God Does Jehovah Rapha Represent?

Jehovah Rapha represents the aspect of God as a healer. This name is used in the Old Testament in Exodus 15:26. Other variations of this name are Jehovah Rofeh, Jehovah Raphah and Jehovah Rophecha.

The name Jehovah means "Lord" or "The Existing One," and is derived from the word "Havah," which means "to exist." Rapha is a Hebrew word meaning "to restore" or "to heal." Therefore, the name Jehovah Rapha can be translated to mean "The Lord who heals." This name reveals God's aspect as a healer who heals people's spiritual and physical needs.

In the last part of Exodus 15:26, God declares that "I am Jehovah, who heals you." Before this verse, the people of Israel had traveled for three days in the desert of Shur without any water. They arrived at Marah, but the water there was very bitter. They cried to Moses and complained because they were very thirsty.

Moses prayed to God, and God showed him a piece of wood and instructed him to throw it into the water. The water then became fit for drinking. Then the Lord commanded the people of Israel to listen to him and to do what is right. He promised them that if they obey all his commandments, they are not going to suffer from the diseases that affected the people of Egypt, for he is the Lord who heals them.