How Do You Ask the Church for Help?


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The best way to ask a church for help is to approach the minister or other ministry leader directly. If he cannot help you directly, he should be able to direct you to an appropriate individual or agency within town who can.

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Some churches may openly advertise their willingness to help those who need basic amenities, such as food or clothing. Others also openly advertise a willingness to help with financial problems, such as trouble paying rent or utility bills. The ability of the church to directly help with a specific issue is contingent on it having funds to do so. If it does not, ministers and other leaders can direct those seeking help to community-action agencies, charities, and local and state government programs that provide assistance.

Some church-related charities advertise their specific services online, and they can be asked for help through email or phone. This includes the group Catholic Charities, which is composed of multiple churches that have pledged to help individuals in need, regardless of religion. The specific help that affiliated Catholic Charities groups are able to offer varies by location.

If the help you need is not temporary, ask the minister or other leader about assistance in becoming financially independent once again. This helps avoid the danger of becoming fully dependent on the aid of others.

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