What Are Some Army Reserve Units Are in Texas?

The 75th Training Command in Houston and the 4th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) in San Antonio are the main elements of the U.S. Army Reserve in Texas. The Army Reserve nationwide is responsible for maintaining a force of mission-ready soldiers available to support active Army missions around the globe.

The 4th Sustainment Command provides on-the-ground support for deployed Army units. Soldiers in this command are responsible for overseeing supply routes and other logistics with a specific area. The 4th has a history that dates back to 1952.

The 75th Training Command delivers both real-life and virtual training to soldiers preparing for deployment while also working with senior leaders to develop advanced decision-making skills. In recent years, the 75th has expanded its focus to offer training to non-Army units, non-military units and U.S. allies.

As of 2015, Congress had approved the Reserve for 202,000 soldiers. Individuals with military and civilian experience between the ages of 17 and 40 are eligible to join. Reserve soldiers do not just serve in active military conflicts, but are also deployed in the wake of disasters or for other civil missions. The Reserve offers a full-range of technical capabilities, ranging from aviation, engineering, medicine and communications to logistics and transportation.