What Do Aries Men Find Attractive?

While discerning and at times demanding in their choice of love partner, there are several things that Aries men look for in a relationship, and indeed life, including adventure, loyalty and devotion. Despite his typical need for security in a relationship, the Aries man also looks for a partner who will allow him a large degree of freedom or independence.

Aries men can be rather traditional in their perspective on gender roles. They may have a tendency toward alpha male behavior, for instance, and therefore favor slightly more dependent partners over strongly independent types. That said, when his own need for liberty is satisfied, he will likely afford his partner the same courtesy. In any case, Aries men find obsessive clinging to be a decidedly unattractive trait. Bordering at times on arrogance, however, the Aries man does tend to look for partners who revere him and his abilities.

Despite their somewhat traditional outlook on gender roles, Aries men are, nevertheless, often highly experimental, particularly when it comes to sex, and will find the same attitude in a partner attractive.

Some good astrological matches for an Aries man include Virgo (particularly when engaged toward a mutual goal), Aquarius (who could satisfy his more traditional demands) and another Aries (who will share his passion for excitement and adventure).