What Is Aries' Love Match?


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Aries' best love connections are with Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius. Other astrological signs might succeed with Aries, but they are typically less compatible and such relationships will require a lot more work to keep them going for the long-term.

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When Aries is matched with Leo, there is a deep level of understanding within the relationship, physically and emotionally. If they work as a team, there is nothing these two can't accomplish, in romance and in their life together.

When Aries is paired with Sagittarius, the attraction is magnetic. A passionate connection, coupled with similar values and open communication ensures longevity in this love match.

There might be a few short feuds or disagreements when Aries is matched with Aquarius, but as long as neither party holds a grudge, this love match works. Neither Aries nor Aquarius is very sensitive, and an Aries loves to get points across while Aquarius loves to debate.

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