What Arguments Do Some People Use to Support Their Belief in God?


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Arguments that some people use to support their belief in God include the kalam argument, the argument from contingency, the teleological argument and the conscience argument. Some people use miracles to argue for the existence of God, while others prefer Pascal's wager as an argument in the absence of absolute proof of the existence of God.

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The kalam argument argues that the universe and time are finite and that the universe did not always exist. Instead, it came to be as a result of influence from something outside it. The contingency argument states that for the universe to exist, there must be something that causes it to exist. Whatever causes the universe to exist cannot exist in the universe and must transcend both time and space.

The teleological argument states that there is a lot of order in the universe that could not have occurred by chance. The universe is too complex and remarkable, and the only way to explain this is to argue that the universe is a product of intelligent design by an intelligent designer.

The argument from conscience notes that people follow their conscience, and this conscience can only get its absolute authority from something or someone who is above the person. The argument from miracles states that there are numerous extraordinary events that can never be adequately explained. The only explanation for such events is that there was intervention from a higher power, or God.

Pascal's wager, named for philosopher Blaise Pascal, does not actually argue for the existence of God, but instead argues for faith in God as a bet against lack of faith in God. Pascal argued that it is better to believe in God and find out he does not exist than not to believe in God and find out he exists.

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